Wireless Monitoring system


Eltav Wireless Monitoring Ltd. is a leading provider of a revolutionary concept of wireless valve (monitoring in the process industry (any kind of valve-Manual or Actuated any size etc). Eltav utilizes wireless communication technology to allow the wireless monitoring of industrial valves in the process industry thus eliminating costly and cumbersome hard-wired solutions. Eltav’s wireless application benefit with reliable and robust technology and drive interoperability among different manufacturers with direct benefit to the end consumer. Eltav’s choice is the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless network using worldwide license-free spectrum.


This network is designed to be robust reliable and cost-effective. It is also designed to use very little power. The monitoring system use a relatively short range wireless communication thus enhancing the security of the network. The communication network is self-organized and self-healing. This important character allows to reduce installation and maintenance costs while keeping high levels of availability. Eltav has ATEX certification making it suitable for use in potentially explosive atmosphere.; Proven record of commercial use

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