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Wireless communications - Smart Power Grid connectivity


It provides broadband wireless solutions allowing optimized Smart Power Grid connectivity in licensed and licensed exempt frequencies. Major projects underaken by the Company are as follows: Owensboro Municipal Utilities Electrical Utility Kentucky USA. Application: Largest municipallyowned water and power utility in the state of Kentucky; Extensive fiber optic deployments; Leveraging regional utility relationships to expand beyond their service area; Competes locally with xDSL cable and other wireless offerings. Network size: Largest wireless broadband deployment by a municipal utility in TMthe USA; Over 1 900 wireless broadband subscribers; Deploying BreezeACCESS Complete Spectrum Wheatland Electric- Utility Kansas USA. Application: Membership cooperative in western Kansas; Largest wireless broadband deployment by a cooperative utility in the USA; Competes locally with xDSL and cable. Network size: Serves 16 000 customers with electric power; Almost 2 000 wireless broadband subscribers in first 30 months; Covers entire 11 county footprint Deploying BreezeACCESS Complete Spectrum Gotlands Energi AB- Utility Sweden. Application: Joint venture of Vattenfall Sweden’s largest utility co. and municipality of Gotland; Supplies energy and broadband telephony services; In 2001 created 2.4 GHz Network- BreezeACCESS; In 2003 3.5 GHz license issued First community in Sweden to deploy wireless DSL Products: BMAX BreezeAccess BreezeNet B. Network size: Gotland Island- sparsely populated and rural with sophisticated communications consumers


Provides wireless services to enable high-speed broadband applications; Proven record of commercial use

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