Window That Improves Air Quality and Energy Use

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Background: It has been reported that up to 90 percent of a typical American's time is spent indoors. Poor air quality often present indoors has been linked to respiratory illness allergies asthma and sick building syndrome. Additionally buildings in the United States account for one-third of the total primary energy consumption and two-thirds of the electricity consumption. Current window technology is limited in its ability to offer Improvement of Air Quality (IAQ). Windows that allow air flow within current airflow designs are inefficient and are constrained to a single air flow path. Technology Description: Purdue University researchers have developed a more efficient window that improves air quality and conserves energy exhausting the lesser quality air in a room and flowing in fresh outdoor air by its two-way flow path. The air that flows into a room is appropriately tempered to conserve energy for heating or cooling a room throughout the year. On a calm sunny day in the winter tests have concluded that outdoor air can be preheated by up to 18°C (80 percent efficiency). Similarly on a calm cloudy day in the summer outdoor air can be precooled by up to 3°C (24 percent efficiency). Applications: 1) Green technology 2) Window manufacturing


1) A more efficient window 2) Improved air quality

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