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Winflex is a wind turbine development and manufacturing company. The product is based on proven patented technology providing cost effective solution for utilization of wind energy at costs lower than of fossil fuel energy sources. The key of Winflex technology is the turbine rotor made out of light flexible and inexpensive composite material fabric. As a result the rotor is 20 times lighter than rotors designed by most advanced technologies on the market causing a chain effect on the whole structure.


Winflex is aiming to become a leading producer of wind turbines in a range of 100-500Kw and significant player at the mega scale market in 5 years. The first models are planned for the Israeli market new regulations and subsidized rate of 1.29 ILS/kwh(0.3USD). A combination of low installation cost and high rates for produced energy sums to an ROI of 3 yrs. Estimated time to market is 18 months. The company proceeds with developing the technology for mega scale turbines starting at 1 Mw and rising above 5 MW.; 1) A 130 kw turbine model is in a beta site stage 2) A megawatt scale model is in development

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