Wind energy solutions


Israwind is a leading small wind turbines manufacturer. We design manufacture and sell small wind turbines provide comprehensive package of technical support for system integration installation and maintenance including integration of hybrid Wind-Solar - Diesel-generator power generation equipment power storage and inverters in Israel. Israwind hybrid wind -solar systems are techno-economically viable for rural electrification. Our ComSpin C wind power solutions are designed to power a different types of telecom sites at grid-connected and off-grid locations worldwide. Installed on a telecom tower or separate pole the ComSpin C is best suited as a stand-alone power source as well as a hybrid solution combined with additional power sources such photovoltaic cells. ComSpin C is an ideal powering solution for telecom industry.


The DG provides just the balance between the Wind-Solar power output and the user needs and it is possible to reduce power losses which are inherent to the battery system.; Proven record of commercial use

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