Weather-Responsive Shade Control System


The weather-responsive shade control system is software that controls one or more motorized window and/or skylight shade devices to provide: 1) optimum interior daylighting conditions 2) control direct sun glare and 3) control heat gain inside the building based on whether the building needs heating or cooling. The software uses light sensors to determine whether the sky is cloudy or clear and whether interior daylight illumination is within above or below a desired range. The software analyzes this data and includes information regarding the position of the sun and which direction the window or skylight is facing to adjust the opening of the window shade to block direct sun when necessary while maintaining interior daylight illumination within the desired range. The system is designed to work independent of electric lighting systems and respond in such a way as to minimize the amount of electric lighting used when electric lights are controlled by a daylighting system. Optionally it can be integrated with electric lighting control systems. To control heat gain the system will determine whether heating or cooling is needed using temperature sensors outside and inside the building. When heating is needed shades will be operated to maximize solar gain while meeting glare criteria and when cooling is needed shades will be operated to reduce solar gain.


Technology enhances solar energy regulation

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