Water treatment: Rainwater Harvesting and Underground Storage


Water Treatment Soutions for Rainwater Harvesting and Underground Storage

T he Universal Storage System, developed by TOTETSU MFG. CO., LTD., allows rainwater to be collected for storage. By removing sediments before storage, the stored water can be used for anything from agriculture to industry to everyday life. Typically, when rainwater goes through the gutters, it is wasted as it seeps into the ground. Instead, with this system, that water can be utilized. 

Because traditional concrete underground tanks are costly, water is usually stored in open reservoirs. This allows insects and contaminants to pollute the water, and also allows the water to evaporate. Totetsu’s system not only eliminates these issues, but also allows the land above the storage to be used for other purposes such as carparks or playgrounds. 



Major Features and Advantages

I. Low Initial Cost

In terms of the storage tank, the initial cost for this storage system is more affordable than standard tanks constructed of concrete or steel. It also takes less time to construct these tanks than standard ones.

II. Low Operational Costs

The cost to operate the system of purifying rain water is low in comparison with traditional systems.

III. Versatility

Typical tanks can only be four meters high and many can’t withstand earthquakes. Totetsu’s tanks, on the other hand, can reach up to 10 meters high and store water securely. The size can be adjusted flexibly, which makes it easy to implement in a wide variety of underground spaces.

Water in the storage tank can also be supplied in a variety of ways, such as through a power pump as well as human power. This versatility makes it ideal for non-electrified areas.

TOTETSU MFG. CO., LTD.’s Rainwater Harvesting and Underground Storage has been in operation in various locations for the last few years. More specifically, the company has installed 100 underground tanks in the last three years and 30 purification system units in the last two years.


Technology Data

Conceivable applications

Rainwater dropped in an area can be storage and purified.

The clean water can be used for daily life, agriculture, industry, and all application other than drinking water.

Only for drinking water, additional processes; sterilization and/or filtration, are required.


Competitive advantages

The technology which can purify and surely store rain water was originally developed by our company for efficient use of rain water. We have never heard about similar technology.

Regarding storage tank, initial cost for our storage system is cheaper than general tanks made of concrete and/or steel. In addition, the work period to construct the tank is much shorter than general ones. Operation cost to purify rain water is more or less on naught. Comparing with purification from waste water or sea water, we have a very big advantage.



Fully Equipped With Three Functions

1) Removes contaminants (99.5% can be removed)

2) Completely waterproof underground Tank which is made of plastic unit and waterproof sheet

3) Excellent Resistance to Earth Pressure and Earthquake

Water in the storage tank can be supplied not only by power pump, but also by human power. (see schematic illustration of technology). Therefore, this system is applicable for non-electrified areas. Our technology is applicable all over the world, and we believe that our technology can solve water-related issues in many regions.


Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

Past record of introduction

Underground tank: 100 units in the last 3 years

Purification system: 30 units in the last 2 years

These days, our system is valued as a reliable technology in Japan.


Conceivable risk

Though this system consists of conventional technology and every one can easily understand the mechanism of this system, we have know-how to construct sheets for sealing. Inaccurate construction will pose water leakage.


Information on patent related to this technology

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Contact person

Seiichiro Takai


E-mail: [email protected]

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