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The company has the widest filtration product line that includes a range of technologies and products from home filters through huge industrial filters for heavy industry (suitable for the supply of more than 6000 cubic meters per hour per unit). The company specializes in automatic filters with self-cleaning capabilities while focusing on the three main filtration techniques 1. Automatic self cleaning suction scanning screens - a unique technology enabling cost saving and highly refined automatic cleaning (down to 5 microns) for high flow and low pressure while meeting all international and local standards. 2. Disc Filtration - Arkal’s global expertise in the complex materials sector allows it to provide unique filtration solutions for irrigation industrial municipal and seawater filtration. These filters provide savings efficiency and resist corrosion. Disc filters can achieve very fine levels of filtration particularly in pre-filtration to membranes in the desalination market 3. AMF Technology (Micro-Fiber) - enables Amiad to broaden its finest filtration solutions (down to 2 microns) and meet drinking water standards such as the UK’s DWI and standards for treating tertiary sewage (Polish) such as California’s Title 22.


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