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Water Treatment Facility: "Desalion"


"Desalion" Small and Useful Equipment for Making Seawater into Drinking Water

esalion is the desalination apparatus based on RO(Reverse Osomosis) method, which treat sea water and produce purified water(drinkable). The concepts of Desalion meet the guideline of small water supply system by WHO. Desalion is a movable equipment, has high durability and can supply high reliable drinking water.



Fig. 1 Desalination apparatus “Desalion”


Major Features and Advantages

Desalion, which forms a core technology of the small water system management, recommended by WHO, provides safe and secure drinking water with small size, light weight and low power consumption to remote areas and islands in developing countries where pipelines cannot be reached.



Technology Data

Possible Applications

Desalion can be effectively utilized in remote islands and areas where pipeline installation is incomplete (Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.). It is capable to produce 1000L of purified water per day, which can be sufficient for a community of 200 or 300 people. Technically it is easy to install on sites because of easy operation that the facility can work with a single pushing of the button.

Generally, there are two methods of utilizing Desalion in remote places,
1. Bringing seawater to the installation site of Desalion to produce drinking water.
2. Bringing Desalion near the sea to produce drinking water and transfer it to remote areas by logistics.

Furthermore, there may be opportunities to develop water business by selling purified water. There is also possibility of agricultural use in remote islands, and remote areas by combining with the drip farming method etc., by applying the water production technology applied in Desalion.

By setting up Desalion, it is possible to create water business and to enter agricultural business etc., and contribute to job creation.


Competitive Advantage

    Desalion has various advantages in terms of low-energy and high durability.

    1) Low power consumption : approx.1.4 kWh
    Low power consumption (1.4 kWh) has been realized by the technology cultivated in the motor and pump manufacturing for 60 years. This technology makes it possible to drive by small generators and solar cells.

    2) Low noise : approx.53 dB
    Moreover, it realized low noise (53 dB) by our own control technology. 24H operation is possible in inside of buildings (mall, hospital, school) and ships.

    3) High durability: approx. 4000 hours durable
    This equipment was monitored by the continuous durability test (approx. 4000hrs continuous operation). After the durability test, performance of this product did not change.
    ※The condition of durability test are mentioned afterward.

    4) Cost efficacy : approx. 10cent / Litter
    This equipment produces reliable drinking water with the cost of approx. 10cent/Litter. This option can represent the most cost-efficient solution of desalination for consumers.

    5) Movable size and weight
    ・Size of this equipment: width 910mm × depth 610mm × height 1030mm
    ・Weight: approximately 150kg
     It can be carried by a forklift truck and installed by two or three persons.



    As mentioned above, Desalion produces drinking water from sea water by 1000L/day. Energy consumption is 1.4kWh and noise level is 53dB.
    Normally, from 10ton of sea water, Desalion can produce 1000L(1ton) of drinking water. In other words, It can recover approximately 100L drinking water from 1ton of seawater.
    Desalion also removes boron from sea water and reduce its concentration to the level of Japanese standard which value is less than half of WHO’s.

    Durability test
    Examination place: Abosi fishing port, Himeji city, Hyogo, Japan.
    Product: Desalion
    Condition: working for 24-hour continuous operation, outdoor operation
    Purified water production: 1000L/day in maximum.
    Average production during the operation: approximately 40.2L/hr (equivalent to 965L/day).

    Results: No defection found
    ※We tried to detect any occurrences of product defects in outdoor continuous operation, during the test period. But actually no abnormalities were observed.

    Summary of the test operation period
    Term: 17th June 2016 – 18th February 2018
    Total examination days:  435days
    Planned stop days:          215days
    Effective working days:    220days
    Actual working days:       165days
    Utilization ratio:    (165/220=) 75%


    Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

    ※We are conducting field test in Chulalongkorn University and Chiang Mai University in Thailand. In this test, Sanso Electric Co., Ltd. concludes MOU with the university and develops its own strategy.

    At Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, we are investigating the influence of concentrated wastewater on marine organisms. We also conduct research on stable fresh water production of drinking water that satisfies the Thai standards from Thai domestic water.
    At Chiang Mai University, we are carrying out the demonstration experiments to convert non-drinking freshwater into drinking water. 

    Sales record:
    Hyogo Prefecture (one unit, in 2019)

    Coming up sales expected in 2019:
    Industrial park Co. Ltd., Vietnam (one unit)
    Ferry company, Philippine (one unit)


    Information on patent related to this technology



    Contact person

    Mr. Takehiro Ichinose
    Email: [email protected]

    Technology owners:

    Sanso Electric Co., Ltd.