Water Tank Storage System to Harvest Solar Energy

This invention provides an energy-efficient cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing water storage façade system for buildings with heat penetration reduction and heat storage capability. Firstly it can achieve energy savings for air-conditioning in buildings by using water as thermal insulation medium in building façades and harnessing the thermal energy absorbed and stored by water to reduce heat penetration due to the Sun’s Solar Radiation falling onto building façade walls. Secondly it can achieve further energy savings by circulating the warm water in the façade for usage to reduce the energy consumption in the building for heating water because the thermal energy absorbed and stored by building façades is harvested. It is more affordable and yet equally effective in harnessing the Sun’s Radiation as the very costly Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) façade. Photovoltaic panels also can be integrated into the present water storage facade tank system for further energy efficiency. Technology Features: 1) Water storage façade with cover for direct solar irradiation. 2) Solar energy harvest to cool down inner walls of building and lower energy need for air-conditioning. 3) Provision of warm water usage for consumption in building 4) Durable and very economical to manufacture 5) Ease of retrofitting and architectural adaptability to existing buildings. 6) Can be integrated with photovoltaic panels to achieve higher electrical energy conversion efficiency. Applications: 1) Solar energy harvest 2) Building façade retrofit 3) Energy efficiency enhancements


1) Simple practical cheap and efficient solution for energy saving of houses and buildings. 2) Advantage of cooling down water storage façade tank. 3) Integrated easily into the present water systems for possible daily usages in homes or buildings without disrupting them through a circulation system. 4) Reduces solar radiation penetration effectively harvest and utilize solar energy by using water as thermal insulation medium and thermal storage mass not only for low-rise but also for high-rise buildings.

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