Water resources management solutions


The company manufactures Pressure Reducing Valves Pressure Sustaining Valves Surge Anticipating Valves On/Off Valves Quick Relief Valves Flow Control Valves Pump Valves Electric and Hydraulic Float Valves Altitude Valves Security valves and other control valve solutions. General description of C-valves Technology: Fusing unique piston actuated Linear Flow Linear Control (LFLC) valve technology with field expertise in the most demanding environments C-Valves provides unparalleled water supply solutions. Linear flow control enables: Accurate and stable control from zero to very high flow rates Very low pressure drop Low noise Negligible cavitation Soft closure built into the valves eliminates water hammer. The valves are manufactured from light-weight durable precision-molded Nylon12 GR (50 glass fiber). Specialty materials (stainless steels polypropylene polyethylene) available to meet special fluid and environmental requirements.


C-Valves continues to invest to bring to market innovative valve solutions for bringing measurable benefits to our customers: Pressure (management solutions water supply stability reduced fluctuation reduced water loss (NRW) pipe brake minimization and reduced maintenance costs.; Proven record of commercial use

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