Water Resources Management


Miltel is a leader in Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Advanced Management Infrastructure (AMI Miltel has extended the application of its proprietary Data Acquisition and Transport (DAT) technology to overcome the communications challenges faced by municipalities and utilities. Today Miltel uses DAT technology in its leak detection solutions fire-hydrant locking and management solutions and others. The Red Cap System is a wireless fixed network system for the monitoring and management of municipal fire hydrants. The system is available in two versions: (1) one-way wireless technology for monitoring and (2) two-way wireless technology for monitoring and management (remote control). The system is based upon proprietary electro-mechanical locks (with electronic remote control for locking and unlocking) incorporated with Miltel DAT wireless (one-way and two-way) fixed network technology. Both the electro-mechanical lock and the DAT technology are housed within an enclosure that securely fits on fire hydrants. The system is localized and adapted in each geographic market.


(1) Effectively secured fire hydrants (2) Quick and easy unlocking of fire hydrants during emergencies (3) Limited access for authorized users (4) Control and monitoring of access to the fire hydrant network (5) Eliminates the ability to duplicate access keys (6) Ability to block access to stolen or lost electronic keys (7) Remote monitoring of all events with remotely controlled access to the fire hydrant network; Proven record of commercial use

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