Water quality analyzers and controllers

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Blue I Water Technologies designs and manufactures water quality analyzers and controllers. Blue I’s pioneering and patented devices enable reliable and cost-effective water quality solutions. Industrial and municipal water treatment product line HydroGuard HG-702 TurbiPlus - an online patented colorimeter technology providing superior performance multi parameter measurements and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO HydroGuard HG-602 - an online amperometric technology providing versatile multi parameter measurements Low Energy Analyzer - a stand-alone battery-operated analyzer for water distribution networks. This unique patent-pending water quality analyzer provides continuous monitoring for free chlorine pH temperature and conductivity in remote areas lacking power supply.


Combining in-depth technological expertise with extensive hands-on field experience Blue I successfully handles challenges that others fail to solve. Their products offer complete analysis and control while ensuring low maintenance and costs.; Proven record of commercial use

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