Water on-line leakage detection in pipes


Aquarius has made a significant advancement in the field of acoustic sensing by development novel sensors and detection algorithms. The novel sensors are based on piezo thin films enabling to produce very low cost highly sensitive and compact vibration sensors. The sensors can be used in a stand alone devices or integrated within water meter that transmit the data via AMR or AMI infrastructure. Additional innovation is in the field of leak detection and location algorithms. Aquarius spectrum has gone beyond the traditional noise logging or correlation methods increasing the range and reliability by using innovative algorithms and distributed processing. The company products include: Integrated sensors that can be installed near water meters and interface AMR/AMI transducers. The integrated sensors are very low cost and energy efficient. Long range sensors that contain RF transmitter and provide leakage detection coverage for over 500 meter range with one meter location accuracy. This high end system can monitor the complex pipes network with less than 20 sensors per square km of the city providing very cost effective solution for leak monitoring.


The company addresses the unmet need for reliable automatic and cost-effective leak monitoring system.; Proven record of commercial use

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