Water Infrastructure Monitoring


TaKaDu’s solution takes SCADA readings (flow pressure quality and other measurements) and GIS data about the water network cleans them of “noise” and constructs a model of how the water network behaves adjusting for the day of the week hour seasonality and operations and maintenance activity. It then monitors the network to detect anomalies based on the model and alerts when they happen. This lets water utilities “see” the network and detect leaks and other anomalies before they become much larger operational issues. TaKaDu’s unique approach helps monitor the network’s “blind spots” more effectively control water loss find more leak events and identify many small leaks before they become large. TaKaDu’s ability to find faulty meters is in and of itself a major benefit. Most importantly TaKaDu’s system doesn’t require any physical network or equipment investment on the utility side.


1. Reduce and mitigate the need to replace network infrastructure 2. Save water lost to network issues through leaks and bursts 3. Save energy and other inputs wasted by producing water that is then lost to network inefficiencies 4. Prevent Network Events e.g. energy wasted without water loss in pressure zone boundary breaches 5. Reduce dependence on new water sources as current sources will be more effectively utilized 6. Even with well-established active leakage control practices TaKaDu is proven to detect many network events water loss events and other issues often without prior notification by existing monitoring methods.; The company is seeking to partner with Water utilities that are interested in setting up a pilot to test TaKaDu’s solution.

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