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Water efficiency and Water Loss Management


Water loss management project usually include the following services: Rapid NRW assessment; Water loss audit; Development of short and long term NRW management strategies; Design and implementation of DMA’s (District Metered Areas) Pressure Management; Active leakage control and repair; Pipe repair; Management and control software Integrated customer meter management; Energy management solutions as well Knowledge propagation. The system decreases the water loss levels enables to reduce costs by Producing/purchasing less water Energy savings due to improved efficiency of the system Reducing the amount of chemicals used to treat the water Saving or postponing investments in increasing water capacity or developing alternative water sources Extending the lifespan of existing infrastructures Reducing maintenance cost


1. The system decreases the water loss levels enables to reduce costs 2. Increase revenues by reducing commercial losses caused by lack of metering and/or poor metering and billing policies 3. Minimize risks through flexible financial models 4. Lower contamination risks to the water supply from bursts and antiquated pipes; Proven record of commercial use

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