Water-deficient aquifer exploitation and integrated rain and flood water utilization technology

In some regions which lack clean and safe drinking water or many regions where fine-grained rocks are distributed shallow groundwater is often the most effective means to provide local drinking water. However due to the low water output of a single well it can hardly meet local needs. This technology mainly adopts a siphon cluster well form to double well water output. To a certain extent it can meet pump extraction needs and solve the problem of water supply. In addition it can take full advantage of the conditions of the local terrain and gather rain and flood water to replenish groundwater purify water quality and enhance sustainable water supply capacities. Technical information: can double single well water output and meet the water supply needs of a certain scale. Scope of application: Suitable for use in plain regions with certain rainfall and runoff-generating areas and shallow areas of fine sand. Regions with seasonal rivers make an ideal application for this technology. Applicable to dispersed water supply in vast rural and pastoral regions and some cities.

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