Water and Irrigation Remote Control and Monitoring

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Mottech Water Control Solutions Ltd. is the Master Global Distributor of Motorola for the IRRInet remote control and management solutions. Computerizing a water and irrigation system may save valuable resources including water energy and labour. The ability of centrally manage multiple sites and make on-line modifications to the process helps in managing one of the most valuable resources – time. All products are designed for simple installation and remote service. Mottech ensures long term and dependable operation while meeting Motorola’s exacting standards. Mottech and Motorola constantly develop new products and integrated solutions based on a forward-looking strategy coupled with backward compatibility with legacy products. The IRRInet system is comprised of two main components: 1. IRRInet family of products 2. ICC and IMS management software tools In-field wireless and wireline control units communicate with the central PC/Server and workstations.


1.Cost effectiveness and value-for-money 2.Fast Return on Investment 3.Reliable wireless and wire-line communication 4.Modular and flexible system 5.Simplicity in installation operation and maintenance 6.Top-notch performance 7.The IRRInet system creates an end-to-end control solution providing easy-to-use and best value for .money remote control and monitoring too; Proven record of commercial use

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