Wastewater management multi-plate screw filter press super-high pressure filter press vertical fibre cloth media filter sludge dewatering sewage treatment

Techase has developed a Special Multi-plate Screw Press which is adaptable to deal with sludge from a variety of industries such as petro chemistry paper amyloid chemical blue-green algae pectin wastewater inorganic material and so on. For instance if the filter press is to be used to dewater sludge contaminated with blue-green algae it is fitted with special shafts for the algae and special flocculants. The technology designed by Techase can be widely used for various wastewater treatment systems such as municipal petrochemical chemical fibre paper-making pharmaceutical leather food and beverage etc. Multi-plate Screw Press This technology is more advanced than traditional dewatering equipment and can deal with low-concentrated sludge and oily sludge. It is easy to operate and more power efficient. It utilises the principles of dewatering force-water homo-direction and thin-layer dewatering. The machine allows automatic continuous operation of sludge flocculation thickening dewatering and filtrate discharging. The pre-thickening device means that this technology has the potential to deal with a wide concentration of sludge ranging from 3000mg/l to 5000mg/l. It is equipped with moving rings that are self-cleaning which prevents blocking issues that are often encountered when using traditional technology. This technology can also deal with very oily sludge without any problems. Because it is self-cleaning it does not require additional water for high-pressure cleaning so no smell or other pollution is produced. The multi-plate screw press utilises very little power as it relies on a low inner pressure of the filter chamber and a rotating speed as low as 2-4r/min. The power consumption is as low as 0.01-0.1 kw/h/kg-DS only 1/8 of belt presses and only 1/20 of centrifugal machines. Moreover the problem of noise pollution is eradicated. A separate thickening tank is no longer needed as this technology can be connected directly to the aeration tank or the secondary sedimentation tank which greatly saves on space and capital costs. Elaspress Super-high Pressure Filter Press Filter press designed for advanced sludge dewatering for a low investment cost but with a high dewatering efficiency; approximately 3-4 times more efficient than the conventional filter press. The pressure is higher than that of the conventional membrane filter press and with a working cycle of 1.0-1.5h the working efficiency is 3-4 times better than the conventional membrane filter press. Furthermore this filter press does not need another pressure boosting device or other accessory devices. It uses fewer filter clothes which reduces the cost of maintaining this technology. This technology is very well suited for municipal wastewater plants etc. Vertical Fibre Cloth Media Filter This filter was honoured "11th five year national science and technology promotion product." Compared to traditional filters this technology consumes a low amount of energy it has a high filtration speed high capacity good effluent quality and a low operating cost. The machine only takes up a small space and can be applied for different types of waste water. It can be applied for the advanced treatment and upgrade of municipal sewage treatment rural and small town sewage treatment advanced treatment or reuse of industrial waste water pre-treatment of raw water purification of surface water pre-treatment of MBR and the treatment of circulation cooling water. Because the backwash uses a mobile linear absorb-washing equipment which works simultaneously with the filtration process no storage water is needed. The effluent quality is good at SS less than 5mg/L and it has a maximum load of SS 80-100mg/L. It can work automatically and all maintenance that is required is easy to do. This technology has been successfully applied in municipal sewage treatment town sewage treatment and industrial waste water treatment.

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