Waste plastic disposal apparatus

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A waste plastic disposal apparatus including a storage portion for storing waste plastic a heating portion for heating the waste plastic which includes a heater and a fan a hot-air circulating path for circulating hot air there through which is defined by the storage portion and the heating portion an exhaust path which branches off from the hot-air circulating path and a deodorizing portion which is provided in the exhaust path in response to intake of a predetermined quantity of external air into the hot-air circulating path per unit time the hot air in the hot-air circulating path is exhausted in a quantity equal to the predetermined quantity from the exhaust path through the deodorizing portion.


It is desirable that the external air in a volume not less than 20 percent of a volume of the hot air circulating path is carried into the hot air circulating path per minute. In accordance with the present invention since quantity of gas produced at the time of heating of waste plastic is reduced the produced gas is deodorized and risk of ignition of the produced gas is obviated such a remarkable effect is gained that volume of waste plastic can be reduced safely and effectively at small scale firms etc.

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