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Villaya Water of the Sun


A collective water pumping system for domestic use and/or irrigation purposes in areas with no grid power or erratic supply of power from grid. An array of solar panels connected in series and parallel configuration generates the power and voltage required for the ATV312 Solar unit to drive the motor. The DC to AC frequency converter in the solar drive converts the DC voltage input to the drive to variable 3-phase AC voltage and frequency. The maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm of solar drive extracts maximum power available from the solar panels during the day and operates the motor at variable speeds based on the power input to the drive. The frequency range in which the drive operates depends upon the power available from the solar panel the hydraulic system and the motor speed. As the sunshine varies during the day power input to the drive varies and the Solar drive generates variable V/F ratio thus controlling the speed of the motor and in turn regulating the pump impeller speed.


The system ensures a continuous energy-efficient water supply. It relies on 100% solar energy and adapts its pumping intensity to the sunshine available. It is based on tested and validated architecture that relies on a best-in-class variable speed drive (VSD) solution. It provides a long-term environment friendly economic solution with proven technology based on variable speed drive. It adapts to grid supply operations during the rainy season or cloudy weather. It qualifies for technical support from Schneider Electric service experts in more than 100 countries.; At usable level

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