Villaya Microsol


Microsol helps micro producers in the food textile and paper industries with processing their raw materials by automating some of their processes e.g. drying washing pasteurization etc. or in the tertiary sector such as tourist industry by providing the energy needed for many premium services electricity for HVAC refrigeration or security heat for hot water laundry or heating water for drinking or cooking. Located in a rural village Microsol can also meet some or all of the production needs of local residents water supply electrification of communal areas and so forth. Microsol is based on the cogeneration principle combined heat and power or CHP taking a new look at an already widespread technology solar thermal energy. The solution focuses on designing a thermal storage system using only environmentally friendly products.


1) Capable of producing electricity water and heat simultaneously. 2) Clean no greenhouse gas emissions no toxic materials recyclable. 3) Available Continuous supply No electrochemical battery to store the thermal energy. 4) Rugged maintainable: Use of standard equipment low temperature low pressure Innovative maintenance-free solution to produce drinking water.; At usable level

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