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Hörneborgsverket, a biofuel based cogeneration plant, is the engine of Övik Energi’s energy production. Hörneborgsverket produce roughly three equal amounts of district heating, steam, and electricity. The steam is distributed to the neighbouring process industries – Domsjö Fabriker, AkzoNobel and SEKAB. Due to the industry’s need for steam, which is in demand throughout the entire year, the cogeneration plant is used to a greater extent, in comparison with power plants that only supply district heating, of which the demand fluctuates. A total of 99% of the fuels used at Höreborgsverket are renewable fuels.

The Cogeneration Plant In cogeneration plants, almost all energy is converted into useful energy, unlike the conventional power plants, where the heat is released and not used. District heating can substitute electricity for heating and also make it possible to produce electricity with minimal waste of energy. Hörneborgverket also buys non-used products from Domsjö Fabriker to use as fuel in the plant, resulting in shorter transport which provides an environmental benefit. District Cooling Hörneborgsverket, manufacturing industries, industrial plants, and other buildings within Domsjö industrial area, all use cold water from the seabed of Övik’s bay to meet their cooling needs. The seabed water is taken from a depth of 25 meters. The plant is one of the country’s largest suppliers of district cooling. The technology is an environmentally and climate friendly way to produce cooling for the benefit of people and machines. Study Visit In a study visit to Hörneborgsverket you are able to find out more about how a biofuel-fired cogeneration plant works, and learn more about the sustainability mind-set that permeates the entire business. You also get the opportunity to learn more about district cooling and its positive effects on the environment and economy. Season: All year Time: 1-3 hours Amount: Maximum 20 per visit Language: Swedish / English Location: Örnsköldsvik

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