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Vertical windpower outside Uppsala

Vertical wind turbine
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Vertical Wind has developed a new and exciting wind power technology based on a vertical axis wind turbine with a cable-wound direct driven generator. The turbine does not need a pitch or a yawing mechanism and the direct driven generator eliminates the need of a gearbox. The robust and simple technology with few moving and sensitive parts compared to conventional wind turbines, gives a higher availability and reliability as well as lower cost for maintenance. Furthermore, this type of wind turbine is quieter than its horizontal counterpart.

Vertical rotation

The wind turbines developed by Vertical Wind AB, have a vertical axis of rotation whereas conventional turbines rotate around a horizontal axis. A vertical axis wind turbine absorbs wind from any direction. Therefore, no yawing mechanism is needed, as for horizontal axis wind turbines.

High reliability

Horizontal axis wind turbines have a large nacelle, containing the generator, on top of the tower. With a vertical axis of rotation the generator can be placed on ground level. Therefore, the generator does not need to be optimized for low weight. Vertical Wind’s unique variable speed direct driven generator eliminates gearbox failures. This will not only decrease the mechanical losses and the cost for maintenance but will also give a high reliability.

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Vertical Wind AB
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Stockholm Cleantech, Sylveniusgatan 5 D, 754 50 Uppsala, 018-18 06 17,

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Vertical Wind AB