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Vertical isolation system for two-phase vacuum extraction of soil and groundwater contaminants

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A process and apparatus for removing contaminants from a contaminated area (12) of the subsurface (1820) which comprises providing a borehole (42) in the contaminated area; placing in the borehole a perforated riser pipe (44) inside of which is situated a vacuum extraction pipe (30) with an opening situated within the perforated riser pipe wherein a packing (61) is situated in a portion of the annular space between the vacuum extraction pipe and the perforated riser pipe; applying a vacuum to the vacuum extraction pipe to draw gases and liquid from the subsurface into the perforated riser pipe below the packing and from the riser pipe into the vacuum extraction pipe and transport both the gases and the liquid to the surface as a common stream; forming from the common stream a stream which is primarily liquid and a stream which is primarily gaseous; and removing contaminants from at least one of the liquid stream and the gaseous stream.

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