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Verapark - a large lab with recycled material


By unlocking traditional business models within the waste sector, Verapark creates a triple-helix model of innovation between private owned and public owned companies together with the academic world. <b>A large lab</b>
With a vision to become the leading centre for circular economy in Europe, Verapark is changing the way we think about waste.

Verapark is a greenhouse for environment-related development and innovation where companies operating within the area receive help with exposure, contacts, collaborations and establishment with links to the academic world. The pragmatic recovery takes place at NSR recycling center. In short, Verapark is a large circular lab in nature.

<b>Make more</b>
Verapark works hard to make the most out of the resources already extracted by creating circular flows. This can involve finding business models for reuse, finding new user areas for waste and/or developing brand new products. Some examples of the work done at Verapark are:
- Chip boards with alternative fossil-free binders instead of formaldehyde have been delevoped
- Household plastic is converted into railway slipers
- Food waste is converted into biogas. When making biogas, sustainable fertilizer is extracted

<b>A way of thinking</b>
Here, effective waste recycling cycles are established and exposed. Through contacts and collaborations between business, academia and public sector, competence is regenerated and shared. Verapark is more than a physical location – it is a way to think and act.

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