Vehicle to Grid Technologies (UD08-26 UD10-23 UD10-24 and UD10-28)

Vehicle to Grid (V2G) involves using excess battery power from electric vehicles such as Battery Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles to help balance the load of localized power grid segments during peak hours. The storage in electric vehicles has not been used previously by the electric grid. There has never been any business that negotiates between grid operator power need and automobiles. Automobile fleets have not previously provided revenue when parked.This provisional patent contains business models on the following: fleet operator as ancillary services provider electrical distribution company (“electric utility”) as V2G aggregator and independent aggregator for V2G. Methods for calculating power available from V2G are outlined. Additionally the V2G can be used for the following purposes: Spinning Reserves and other ancillary services (Fast Reserves Intra-hour adjustment Standing Reserve and Contingency); Regulation and for Reactive Power (this invention applies to both controlled by Automatic Generation Control (AGC) and by local diction and correction); Integration of wind power or solar electricity (providing ancillary services such as regulation up/down as well as electric storage);

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