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University building N

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Low energy building, house N

Year of construction: 2010 Owner: Videum AB Tenant: Linnaeus University Property Area: 6900 square meter Architect: White Jais Nielsen Architects Environment: House N is the first construction of low-energy labeled European Green Building in Växjö. Power requirement is 30% under current building code and there is an increased integration of renewable energy. Solar cells provide the building with electricity and connection to cooling is a good choice to regulate the indoor climate. Building: House N has a dynamic design with a visible frame made of wood and a brand new building system, trä8, is used. This is the first system used in Sweden for such large buildings. One of the major challenges of the building has been air density and the lowest basement below the water table. Constructing the fundament and to clear the moisture has been unusually complicated. The wood of the facade is heat treated so that all organisms have been killed, a technology developed by Linnaeus University Wood Institute. The building's roof is covered with sedum. Ground was broken in November 2009 and the inauguration was held in January 2011. The house is built as a turnkey contract by PEAB. House N links the study and scientific communities all the way from Linnaeus University Main Building, House H, to the house of M. Interior: House N is projected to Videum and Linnaeus University together. Through cooperation, the university has been a house that is straight through the expedient. Many of the materials choices are linked to materials research at Linnaeus University. Different species dominate thus both in terms of design, facade and interior of the house N. The building houses the Department of Social Work, the University's IT department, data center, archives, and auditoriums of various sizes, the largest of which takes 350 people. Second floor accommodates 175 offices.

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