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Umeå Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Within Umeå municipality there are a total of 19 wastewater treatment plants. The largest, Umeå Wastewater Treatment Plant, takes care of wastewater from households and various businesses in Umeå and surrounding villages. Every year, it receives about 13 million cubic meters of waste water, containing about 3000 tons of organic material and about 80 tonnes of phosphorus. The process of cleaning water demands a lot of energy, but the plant also produce biogas which gives 23 000 kWh per day. Clean water
The treatment plant is dimensioned for 166 000 inhabitants (included industrial load) and can manage to purify a maximum 8 100 cubic meters of wastewater per hour. There are mechanical, chemical and biological treatment steps, which removes 95-97 % of phosphorus and organic material in the water.

Nutritious sludge
Substances removed from the waste water form a nutritious sludge which was made into pellet for 10 years. The sludge pellet showed good effect as fertilizer and soil conditioner improvement, but due to lack of demand, the pellet machines were removed and the sludge has been used as a construction material within an industrial area where leakage water can be collected and treated. Continuous communication is done to create awareness about the importance of not pour or throw any hazardous substances or garbage into the drain.

The sludge is digested about two weeks to obtain energy in the form of biogas. The biogas consists mostly of methane (65 %) and is used in engines to produce electricity and heat. The gas production is 3000-4000 m3/day, with a total energy worth of 23 000 kWh/day (8, 4 GWh/year).

Most important environmental facility in Umeå
The treatment plant was built in the early 1970s and 2001 a digester and a pelleting plant was added for treatment of the sludge. During the years 2012-2015, the plant expanded further – increasing the capacity extensively. Two gas engines were installed to enable a more efficient use of the biogas. Considering all of the above – and the consequences if there was no treatment plant – Umeå Wastewater Treatment Plant is the single most important environmental facility in Umeå.

Town: Umeå
Find us: Övägen 37
Visiting: All year
Duration: 2 hours
Languages: Swedish & English

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Umeå Vatten och Avfall AB, Cleaner Growth
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Övägen 37 904 22 Umeå

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