Ultrafast charged electric buses with hybrid backup as option.

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In late 2012 Hybricon started the production of its new electric buses, Hybricon Arctic Whisper (HAW). The first bus was a 12-meters bus and the other a four-wheel drive 18-meters articulated bus.

The big challenge with electric vehicles in northern Europe is to adapt them to the cold climate, both in regard to function and comfort for passengers and drivers. Hybricon has managed to develop a technology that makes it possible to run the buses even during a very cold winter day as well as a hot sunny day with advanced air heating/cold system. •The maintains on the buses are built up in modules, which reducing downtime costs on the vehicles. •The articulated bus is having a four-wheel drive concept to ensure a high level of accessibility in the winter as well in heavy rain. •Heat recovery systems of waste heat contributes to energy efficiency. •The buses have better isolation, heating and other measures to enhance comfort for both drivers and passengers. The advantages of city buses that run on electricity are many. First, it is environmentally friendly, it is also more economical in a short and long term. In addition, the buses are almost soundless which reduces noise levels and provides a more comfortable bus ride for passenger as well the driver that does not get as tired after a working day behind the steering wheel. Hybricon become the first in the world with Ultra-fast charged electric buses with hybrid backup. Today (2016) Hybricon has the most advanced and modern transport solution on the market, with the Ultra-fast charging® solution, that allows the buses to run up to one hour with 180 seconds charging. Hybricon has also development at battery charging solution, called Batterybooster. This allows to implement charging solution in urban areas where the grid may not be as powerful as the charging solution need. Town: Holmsund, close to Umeå Find us: Sågverksgatan 10 Website: www.hybricon.se/sv/hem.htm Visiting: All year Duration: 1-2 hours Languages: Swedish & English

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Cleaner Growth, Hybricon Bus Systems AB
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Sustainable Umeå, Sågverksgatan 10, Umeå, +46 (0)90 16 25 54

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