Ultra-Permeable PEO/Silica Reverse-Selective Membranes for Carbon Dioxide Separation

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ILO Ref: 09241N Technology OverviewA novel cross-linked comb-like organic-inorganic reverse-selective membrane containing polyethylene oxide (PEO) demonstrates CO2 permeability could be significantly increased. This is achieved by grafting short PEG chains or PEO-Azide on to the main chains of a PEO/silica framework or through physical blends of selected compounds. Separation performance of the membrane for CO2 from H2 as well as N2 is shown below. Figure 1: Comparison of carbon dioxide separation performance of the membrane of this invention with the Robeson’s tradeoff line.Technology Features· Polar ethylene oxide (EO) groups present in the membranes have a high affinity with CO2· Cross-linked structure of the resultant polymer inhibits crystallization of PEO which leads to improved performance

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