Two phase process to produce liquid organic fertilizer from plant material

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Background: The technology described here is a method and apparatus to produce liquid organic fertilizer from plant material by using a two-phase process. The first phase uses a continuous extraction process where liquid leachate (water solution with bacteria) is repeatedly filled and drained from a storage container until the process of chemical decomposition is over. It takes approximately fourteen days to complete the first stage. The second phase consists of an accelerated bio-leaching process where plant material is drained from the first container to a second container and heated at 80 degrees F in order to concentrate the nutrients of the leachate into a transportable organic liquid fertilizer. Technology Description: The highlight of this technology is that it produces liquid organic fertilizer from plant materials through bioleaching. The apparatus is comprised of a first phase container a leachate distribution system and an external second phase container. During the first phase a liquid organic fertilizer is produced through an accelerated bioleaching process. During the bioleaching process leachate and packed plant matter such as alfalfa and grass is stored in a solid bed. The leachate distributed through a system comprised of a circulation pump piping a leachate distribution system and a leachate drain is recirculated through the bed until hydrolysis and acidification result in dissolution of organic material. Once distributed through the leachate distribution system the leachate is then extracted from the first phase container and stored in the second phase container.In the second phase container the liquid fertilizer is concentrated using various methods. The first method of concentration is comprised of heating the leachate between 80-85 degrees F. In the second method leachate is concentrated using solarization. This approach consists of leaving the liquid exposed to the sun in an outdoor storage container for a few days. heating the leachate enhances the concentration process and eliminates the odor of plant material. The purpose behind concentration is to better facilitate the handling transportation and application of the liquid fertilizer. Once the leachate is removed from the second phase container the final product liquid organic fertilizer is ready to be bottled for storage and shipment. Applications: 1) Organic farming 2) Concentrated fertilizer can be diluted in water and can be easily applied through the irrigation system or sprayed on the forage Patent Status: US7771504 B1


1) Overuse of chemical fertilizers leads to increased chemical deposition in the form of salts on the soil. 2) Salt accumulation in the soil prevents efficient absorption of nutrients by the plants. 3) With the use of liquid organic fertilizer the nutrients are better absorbed by the plant and hence more beneficial to plant growth even in saline soil conditions.

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