TV203-1.9 Helvex

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Faucet for Hospital, Electronics for Wall Lavatory of Batteries.

Operates with 6V Lithium Battery

Includes Setting Kit

Check Valve with Filter

Includes Setting Kit for Stainless Steel Lavatory

Swivel Spout

Features Infrared Sensor

12 s Time Tolerance 20% ±

This product complies with the Official Mexican Standard NOM-001-SCFI-1993 for electronic devices.

LEED Certified.

Material: BRASS.

Detection Range: 50 mm (1,9") - 240 mm (9,4")

Maximum Consumption: 0,5 gpm

Working Pressure:

Pmin= 0,6 kg/cm² (8,53 PSI)

Pmax= 6,0 kg/cm² (85,3 PSI)

Inlet Thread: ½-14 NPSM

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