Tvärpilen – a Small Residential Area, Big on Sustainability


The village of Kivik in south-east Sweden is where you’ll find the new residential area Tvärpilen, which combines beauty, sustainability and responsibility in perfect harmony. In the small village, Kivik, in the southeast of Sweden, you find the new residential area, Tvärpilen, where the Beautiful, the Sustainable and the Responsible come together in perfect combination. With local entrepreneurs and a well thought through approach in circularity and environmental care Tvärpilen is a pride to the villagers with, among other things, local wastewater treatment, reuse of the treated water and local energy production.

In the residential area you find one of the most advanced wastewater treatment plants in Sweden. Not only does it remove nitrogen and phosphorous, but it also removes micro plastics, pharmaceutical residues, hormones, and silver ions. The treated water then goes back to all toilets and irrigation ejectors in a separate pipe system. That means less use of valuable freshwater by 30 percent and maybe the greenest lawns in Kivik.

That it is important to work with closeness also shines through when it comes to heating and energy. Heat from both the air and the water in the ground provides all the housings with heat via floor heating systems. In the area you find a solar park which provides every housing with 60 percent of its need.

Tvärpilen is a good example of how a small residential area can be big on sustainability.

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