Transfer-free Batch Fabrication of Single Layer Graphene Devices for Solar Cells


Background: This invention describes unique growth and fabrication methods for graphene that allow for direct patterning onto the target substrate. Notable improvements over existing techniques include higher carrier mobility and mechanical and electrical continuity over a large distance. Technology Description: Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms hexagonally-bound with potential to become the optimal material for the new generation of transistors. Graphene can enable tetrahertz computing at processor speeds 100 to 1000 times faster than silicon. The most significant advantage of this unique technology versus older methods is that it eliminates the troublesome separation and transfer step of graphene from the substrate to the target. The transfer step carries the risk of damaging the delicate single layer graphenes (SLG) and reducing the integrity thus diminishing the conductivity of the layer. By the novel method the graphene is grown directly on an evaporated copper thin film. This breakthrough method for direct graphene application also overcomes the other obstacles of previous production methods including difficulties in aligning the graphene film to the target device. Applications: Technology can be used in electronics displays solar cells sensors and hydrogen storage.


1) This method allows for batch fabrication of graphene device arrays directly onto the growth substrate. 2) Uniform conductivity of the graphene layer allows for high device yield and successful fabrication of ultra long (>0.5 mm) graphene channels. 3) Offers a reliable way to grow graphene that maintains its structural integrity including over large areas.

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