Total Property Optimizer (TPO) for increased energy efficiency and reduced energy costs

Background: Forty percent of the energy in Manhattan is used in high-rise office buildings and of that energy forty percent goes towards controlling the heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems controlling in these buildings. The costs associated with this energy are high particularly for heating buildings with steam in the winter. For example Con Edison the steam provider for Manhattan has a surcharge for steam usage during the peak demand times. This technology describes Now-Cast a module which helps forecast any necessary control adjustments that will keep the building at the desired temperature and recommends preheating settings to reduce steam usage during peak hours. The technology adds to the existing Di-BOSS Digital Building Operating System Solution by Selex ES which is a Total Property Optimizer (TPO). Altogether these programs not only increase energy efficiency but also reduce energy costs. Technology Description: This technology is another step towards more efficient cost-effective energy usage. Now-Cast is a temperature trajectory module that uses advanced analytics to make suggestions to the building manager who controls the floor-by-floor adjustments that modify the temperature. It uses the ambient space temperature the current temperatures on each floor and the various HVAC settings to make its recommendations for the upcoming two hours. Similar algorithms are used to make 24-hour predictions which can determine whether to preheat the building with steam before peak hours render the steam a hundred times more expensive. This technology has the potential to provide great savings in energy and cost to Manhattan. Applications: 1) Advanced climate control for high-rise buildings 2) Could be adapted for other large structures such as aircraft carriers or cruise ships 3) Could be adapted for science facilities where climate control is crucial to research and development 4) Could be adapted for industrial temperature control during manufacturing Patent Status: WO2013043863


1) Helps the building manager decide what HVAC settings to use 2) Reduces overheating 3) Predicts when it’s best to preheat a building with steam before peak hours 4) “Learns” over time 5) Reduces energy usage 6) Reduces energy cost

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