Total Chromium-free Primer Coating for Corrosion Protection

Background: Need a reliable and low cost way to detect changes in the status of switching devices especially circuit breakers in distribution networks. Technology Description: Since the early 1980’s the use of chromates and other chromium-containing compounds have been subject to stringent regulations due to their recognized carcinogenic properties. In an attempt to find a substitute for widely used chromium-based primer coating products scientists at North Dakota State University have invented a novel chrome–free primer coating with proven anti-corrosive properties on metal substrates. The use of this primer eliminates risks associated with handling toxic and carcinogenic chromium metallic compounds and alleviates waste disposal hazards. This invention has been proven to be the only technology that protects high strength Aluminum alloys from corrosion without the need of any chromate pretreatment or pigmentation. Applications: 1) Glass-like surfaces: UV curable version suitable for glass-like surfaces or where quicker drying is needed 2) Frequent repainting: Organic version where maintenance operations merit frequent repainting 3) Harder Coatings: Inorganic version suitable for harder coatings


1) Supports non-hazardous manufacturing and operation practices 2) Possesses easy mixing and spraying properties 3) Compatible with most conventional equipment and environmentally acceptable solvents and pre-treatments 4) Complies with European Union and US Department of Labor - OSHA regulations 5) Does not require any chromate based surface pretreatment compatible with commercially available Cr-free surface treatments

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