Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Photocatalysts for Water Purification

Summary: More and more chemicals of various origins are being discharged into our local water streams ending up at waste and water treatment facilities. These chemicals comprising of pharmaceuticals personal care products and other various industrial chemicals are currently not removed by typical wastewater treatment practices. Further current regulations from the Food and Drug Administration do not require testing or removing these chemicals even as their amounts aggregate in our drinking water. Therefore the general public is currently being exposed to these dangerous chemicals that pose significant adverse health risks. Detailed Technology Description: UCR Professor David Kisailus has developed a novel water purification method using TiO2 photocatalysts that neutralizes currently unfiltered chemicals. TiO2 is a safe naturally occurring substance that appears in many of our household products such as paints plastics and toothpaste. The proprietary TiO2 composition can be applied to any substrate or surface where a light source provides the photocatalytic impetus to the TiO2 to remove these harmful chemicals odors parasites and microorganisms. Application: Applying this novel TiO2 composition as a harmless paint or film to public and private pools hot tubs or jacuzzis. By utilizing just sunlight the water can routinely get cleansed of harmful chemicals pathogens and odors.


This groundbreaking technology has the potential to revolutionize the definition of “clean water.” Not only does it have the potential to integrate into our industrial wastewater treatment facilities but it also can be incorporate into commercial and residential water purification products and systems.

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