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Titanium Dioxide based Hybrid Ion-exchange Media for Simultaneous Removal of Strong Acid Anions and Oxo-anions


Water purification and water treatment processes influence the quality of everyday life. While there have been many recent advanced developments in water purification and treatment they are expensive and not applicable on a large scale. There is a strong need in industry for improved water purification and treatment processes for drinking water as well as wastewater in general that remove a variety of contaminants. Researchers at Arizona State University have developed an exciting ion-exchange media that simultaneously removes strong acids and oxo-anions from water. This media uses titanium dioxide to remove contaminants which is advantageous over the current media of iron hydroxides. Titanium dioxide is more stable and resistant to dissolution in natural waters. The fabrication process uses easy and inexpensive approaches suitable for production of large quantities of the media using very simple manufacturing processes. Potential Applications Water Treatment for: Purified Drinking Water Industry Cooling Towers Agriculture

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