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TinyTech DC Solar Fan

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The TinyTech DC Solar Fan works just like AC ceiling fan which we use in homes and offices. It has 1200mm diameter 3 blades as usual, but this fan works on solar DC power from 90 V to 130 V, as well as on AC grid power.

Its power consumption is 25 W against 75 W consumed by a conventional AC ceiling fan. This makes it useful for factories, industries, schools, colleges etc. The fan works on either high voltage solar panels or on grid power of 110 V or 230 V whichever it may be. 

The fan can work directly from a solar panel without any battery and without any controller. 8  fans are able to work on 1 solar panel of 250W without any battery and without any controller. The fan contains brushless DC motors with permanent magnets in the stator, which makes it  maintenance free and enables the low energy consumption of 25W.

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