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TinyTech 2 KW Solar Water Pump

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The TinyTech 2 KW Solar Water Pumping system is fully automatic with an expected lifespan of 20 years.The cost includes solar panels, support structure, inverter and submersible pump, but does not include pipelines and cables.

Each solar panel is of 250W and is approved by MNRE and is made of first grade polycrystalline solar cells. The size of panel about 1.5m x 1m and each solar panel is supplied with test certificate. Each inverter controller converts DC power of low voltage to AC power of high voltage of 400V. 3 phase power.

The supporting steel structure is to be permanently fixed to the ground at the angle of latitude of the site and facing north or south in the Southern hemisphere.
If you remove the pump, the system can act as a solar power plant to connect any machine.

KW Capacity: 2 KW 
No. Of Solar Panels: 8
Support Structure: 4m x 3.2m
Submersible Pump HP: 2 
Water Lifting Height: 100ft / 30m
Lit/Hour at above head: 20000
Shipment Volume: 2 cubic meters

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