TERMOCRET - Termolita

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It is an aggregate of special expanded mineral pearlite to formulate ultralight concrete.

Its formulation includes waterproofing additives, which together with the expanded mineral perlite make the mixtures with TERMOCRET concrete with very low density and absorption, besides presenting a high thermal insulation factor.

Concrete that thermally insulates and eliminates indoor humidity caused by temperature differential in winter.

Low moisture absorption.

Reduces the expenditure on electrical energy in buildings.

It provides a surface ready to receive waterproofing or floor in a single step.

It does not rot or degrade.

As durable as concrete.

Fire resistant.

Apparent density: 279,63 kg/m3 (17,46 lb/ft3)

Thermal conductivity: 0,07385 W/m•K (0,5120BTU•in/h•ft2•°F)

Humidity adsorption: 7.78% mass | 2.31% volume

Vapor strength: 0,0194 ng/Pa •s•m

Reference norm: NOM-018-ENER-2011

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