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System for cleaning contamination from magnetic recording media rows

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A system having an array of nozzles is used to clean fabricated rows of magnetic heads. Each nozzle contains a pair of concentric tubes. The inner tube of the nozzle discharges a plume of fine dry material at a target. The outer tube of the nozzle simultaneously discharges a hollow tube of water that completely surrounds the plume discharged by the inner tube. This nozzle design prevents the dry material from mixing with the water during discharge so that the plumes remain dry until they strike the target with the tubes of water. As the nozzles pass over various portions of the target the plumes remove most forms of process contamination while the water serves multiple purposes. The leading stream of water in front of each plume loosens some contaminants and moistens the target prior to contact by the dry material. In addition the trailing streams of water flush the target and removes any remaining contamination left behind after the plumes pass by. The tube of water for each nozzle also reduces dry powder overspray or dust and provides ESD protection for the target. A final rinse with a set of fan nozzles removes any residual contamination and/or cleaning media.

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