System and Process for the Photoelectrochemical Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Carbon Monoxide

This invention describes a system and process for the selective photoelectrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide with high energy efficiency. The process uses a Bi-CMEC/PEC (Bismuth-carbon monoxide evolving catalyst/photoelctrochemical device) assembly that marries a stainless steel cathode coated with a porous bismuth film in combination with an anode comprised of platinum. The Bi-CMEC/PEC assembly may be operated using a single or two compartment cell and employ an organic electrolyte or an ionic liquid electrolyte. The invention permits the direct storage/conversion of solar energy via the conversion of carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide and liquid fuels. This invention develops the tools needed to construct a photocathode that is capable of converting CO2 to CO directly from renewable solar energy. Applications: 1) solar energy conversion and storage 2) carbon Dioxide Remediation 3) carbon monoxide and fuel Synthesis


1) The process utilizes a solar cell that can harvest sunlight and generate electrical current that can be used to power an electrocatalyst for conversion of CO2 to CO 2) Inexpensive and robust process

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