Synthetic Mineral Microparticles For Retention Aid Systems

Summary: Metallic microparticles are used to improve the rate of retention of fine materials and enhance the rate of drainage of water during the paper making process. A method for the production of synthetic mineral particles by admixing soluble metal salt and one or more compounds is described. For example this method can be used to produce silicate by the reaction of a meta-silicate with metal salt. Furthermore these particles produced provide a system of agglomeration useful in water treatment. Additionally the method for controlling drainage and retention in the formation of a paper matrix is described. This method provides equal or enhanced performance compared to present retention and drainage aids. The invention described in US Patent No. 6183650 takes incoming mill water and removes naturally present solids or provides clarification to any water stream. US Patent No. 6184258 deals specifically with the production of a synthetically produced bentonite-type inorganic microparticle which can be used in the retention water drainage and sheet formation process of papermaking resulting in tangible cost saving opportunities. US Patent No. 5989714 describes the composition of these micro-particles.

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