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Synthesis of ZnO Nanostructures

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Background: Thermochromic materials reversibly change their crystalline structure from semiconductor-to-metal as a function of temperature. Among these thermochromic materials vanadium oxide (VO2) has received the most attention because of its large reversible change in optical properties at relatively low temperatures (≈ 70°C). During its semiconductor-to-metal phase transition the change in the optical properties of VO2 is marked by an increased reflectivity; furthermore its electrical and magnetic properties also change. Because of this unusual behaviour thin films of vanadium dioxide have wide-ranging potential as electrochromic devices such as electrical or optical switches as optical storage media as optical limiters to protect against high intensity laser damage and as a means to passively control the amount of solar thermal loading for windows (“smart windows”). Technology Description: Our invention is directed to a catalytic aqueous growth of zinc oxide nanostructures for many applications including photovoltaics piezoelectric devices etc. Our method can reduce the cost and stably provide the mass producibility and high quality. Additionally the technique can be applied to curved surfaces. Applications: 1) Photovoltaics 2) Piezoelectric devices

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