SWEETNANO - Transition metal doped zinc oxide for lithium-ion batteries


The presented technology is a newly developed sucrose supported synthesis of transition metal doped zinc oxide nanoparticles which can be used as active material for the fabrication of high capacity anodes for lithium-ion batteries. The general formula of these materials is TMxZn(1-x)O with the transition metal TM being for instance Fe or Co. The obtained nanoparticles show a homogenous particle size distribution between 20-30 nm. Anodes made of such material exhibit specific capacities exceeding 900 mAh/gan enhanced cycling stability as well as an improved high rate capability particularly after applying a carbonaceous coating. Extended laboratory tests have already demonstrated the advantages of the invented material for use in lithium-ion battery anodes. Further improvement is currently under development at the MEET battery research center. PROvendis offers licenses for this invention to interested companies on behalf of the University of Muenster Germany.

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