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Swedish National Geodata Strategy


The Swedish National Geodata Strategy is based on five societal challenges for the Swedish society where geodata is expected to contribute to solutions:
innovation and business growth, digitization of public administration, streamlining of the urban planning process, climate adaptation and environmental threats, and defense and civil contingencies. In consultation with the Swedish Geodata Council, Lantmäteriet drew up a new Swedish geodata strategy for the years 2016-2020. The strategy is based on the five societal challenges for the Swedish society mentioned above, where geodata is expected to contribute to solutions.

Common to all mentioned challenges is that the solutions will benefit from open geodata. In Sweden, the user financing of public sector geodata is still substantial. This negatively effects data-driven innovation and business growth. It also effects the digitization of public sector administration and the society’s ability to act efficiently in businesses where it is important to share an updated and reliable model of the real world. All challenges will also benefit from having a further developed harmonization of geodata between national, regional and local level public sector entities. Sweden still deals with a situation where different geodata standards are used in the 290 municipalities. Furthermore, both the social planning process and the civil contingencies – including emergency response activities – will benefit from having more unified basic geodata supporting the coordination of the activities involved.

Finally, all challenges would benefit from reliable and well known API services with clearly stated service level commitments. Lantmäteriet expects developments to take a leap step forward when such APIs with high quality authoritative geodata becomes generally available for use in public and private sector applications.

To make this happen and fully support the Swedish society in solving its societal challenges, the public sector geodata entities in Sweden needs to further develop its ability to collaborate.

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