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Sustainable logistics for a smart city


Logistics cluster Östergötland is an arena and a network for innovation and development within logistics solutions. By engaging people from different businesses in a variety of challenges, new ideas and solutions for a more sustainable logistics are developed. Logistics is becoming more and more important, for the industry as well as for the society. The many changes of today's society includes globalization, environmental challenges, growing cities and increased e-commerce. These challenges put new demands on our societys logistics solutions.
Östergötlands Logistics cluster is an arena for innovation and development within logistics. The arena started as a project but has now become permanent and is located strategically at the harbour of Norrköping.

The aim is to be a place where people can meet across businesses and a diversity of subjects in order to develop new solutions and ideas. Östergötland Logistics cluster is engaged in a variety of projects within logistics including an expansion of the harbour in Norrköping for the purpose of handling larger volumes of goods, urban transformation of cities with need for more efficient logistics and cases where municipalities engage in attracting establishment of new companies.

Several success stories are presented by Östergötlands Logistics cluster. By better coordination of distribution of goods, the municipality of Norrköping has managed to cut their transportations of groceries with more than 50%, an economic benefit as well as an environmental. In addition, all the groceries are now transported with climate friendly trucks and the distribution centrals run by solar cells! Further, the first filling station for liquid biogas was opened in the region in 2019 and a new logistic centre with sustainability focus is planned to open in Norrköping with the purpose of creating a more sustainable flow within the e-commerce. Important steps in the work towards fossil free logistics solutions in Östergötland!

Welcome to visit us to learn more about our development work and sustainable logistics solutions!

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