SUPERHIDIC - Innovative Energy Saving Distillation System

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Conventional distillation columns operate by heating with the reboiler at the bottom, and cooling by condenser at the top. SUPERHIDIC technology operates two columns: stripping section (low pressure column) and rectifying section (high pressure column), which realizes interated heat transfer from HP column to LP column).

Key features are as follows:

Side-exchanges accomplished by stabbed-in heat exchangers

  • Side-exchangers can be provided at composition where enthalpy change should be provided.
  • Heat transfer area can be adjusted so as to meet desirable heat duty.
  • Pairing of stages between rectifying section and stripping section can be determined in consideration of desirable heat duty and temperature difference.
  • Overall heat transfer coefficient can be predicted in high confidence level.

Rectifying section located below stripping section

  • Side-exchanges can be accomplished by means of thermo-siphon/gravity.
  • Normal trays or packing is utilized.
  • Side-cut to obtain intermediate product or multiple-feed can be carried out.
  • Feed stage can be optimized.

Consequently, following advantages are achieved

  • Highest energy saving performance in distillation system developed so far.
  • Good maintainability as normal facility.


Excellent energy saving with good economics is expected by introducing SUPERHIDIC for the following conditions at existing column modification or new installation.

  • Temperature difference between the overhead and the bottom lower than 80℃
  • Expensive utilities
  • Large scale reboiler and/or condenser duty
Organisation providing the technology
Toyo Engineering Corporation

For well-suited applications (ex. propylene refining column, xylene column, aromatics, etc.), SUPERHIDIC technology realizes 50%+ energy saving from conventional columns


All components are commercially proven and maintenance can be made by conventional means.

Succes factors and requirements

The technology is especially suitable to the following cases- Temperature difference between the overhead and the bottom is lower than 80℃- Cost of utility is expensive- High reboiler / condenser load

Investments required

Typical payback period of 3 to 4 years can be expected for appropriate applications at high utility cost.


Typical EPC period: 2 to 3 years

Countries where implemented
Case story of implementation

MEK Column for Maruzen Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (Japan)


Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry, JapanEmail: [email protected]

Technology owners

Superhidic is co-licensed by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, and Toyo Engineering Corporation.